Gel Nails

Fill-in refers to the technique of replacing gel nails, stopping sanding with the original base gel left and re-apply the gel in a way that can be covered from the top. Normally, when changing the nail design, apply a new gel nail after removing all the existing gel nails to the base gel. However, the process of dropping this gel nail is the process that puts the most strain on your own nails in the process of gel nails. In order to remove gel nails that are closely attached to your own nails using nail files and machines, you will inevitably shave off the surface of your own nails, and damage to your own nails can not be avoided. On the other hand, fill-in does not need to shave its own nails by leaving more of the original gel, and the damage to the nails can be minimized. In addition, it is said to be a nail-friendly technique because it can be treated without using acetone, which causes dryness and cracking of nails.


Clear $47
Solid color, Glitter $57
French, Glitter gradation, add $15+
Ombre add $25+
Fill regular price + $10

※You can change to hard gel an additional $5




water care, 1 color gel ,cuticle oil $62
water care only $30
water care, 1 color gel ,callus removal,massage $87
water care,callus removal,massage $55


Fixes crack nail or broken nails
Par nails $5
10 nails $50


Removal $25




It has three layers which are base gel, color gel and top gel Nail is flexible, feels like real nail and easy to handle. It damages your nail much less. So treatment can be done continuously without rest time for your real nail. Completed nail looks deep, and it feels soft. Most customers come back to salon from 3weeeks to once a month to change it, and it doesn’t need recoating. It keeps gloss until you remove it.