Important Notice from MOCa beauty salon!

Important Notice from MOCa beauty salon!

Hope everyone is enjoying our new website!

We would like to let you know that our business is getting busy (THANK YOU for all!!!) and it has been difficult to make an appointment on the day. Please make an appointment in advance for least few days.

We would also appreciate if you could come on time for your booking otherwise we will keep your seat for 15 minutes but after you will lose your priority. Also if you are late we may have to eliminate the amount of lash.


Also our Online Booking system is working now!!!

You can easily book your eyelash, nail or both appointment through our website.

Online booking system does not allow you to cancel a day before your appointment.

If you have to cancel or change on the day then please call us however we do not prefer on the day of cancellation or change.



We will be start charging for on the day of cancellation / no show after 3rd time.

We will give individual warming for your 2nd on the day of cancellation / no show for reminder about our new policy. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Although if you have any question then please feel free to call us 604-688-1647



MOCa beauty salon からのお知らせです!




‐当日、ご予約された時間から15分経ってもご来店されない場合は自動的にno show/キャ





また、今後3回以上の当日キャンセルとno showされた場合、キャンセル料が発生いたしますので、ご了承下さい。2回目の当日キャンセルとno showの際にこちらから再度ご報告いたします。