Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great way to have beautiful eyes without the need for mascara or curlers. Super soft Mint lashes will give your eyes a natural, glamorous, sexy look.

You can choose length, curl, thickness

Mink Eyelashes

60 lashes $50
80 lashes $60
100 lashes $70
120 lashes $80
140 lashes $90
160 lashes $100
180 lashes $110

Touch Up

within 2 weeks

UP TO 30 lashes $34
UP TO 60 lashes $40
UP TO 80 lashes $48
UP TO 100 lashes $58
UP TO 120 lashes $68


within 4 weeks

UP TO 40 lashes $41
UP TO 60 lashes $45
UP TO 80 lashes $53
UP TO 100 lashes $63
UP TO 120 lashes $73
UP TO 140 lashes $83

Under Eyelashes


Up to 15 lashes $1.50 each
16 lashes $21
20 lashes $26
30 lashes $31
40 lashes $41
Lashes removal (applied at MOCa) $15
Lashes removal (applied at elsewhere) $15

Volume Lashes

Full Set $132
Half Set $82
Natural $62
Extra $20
Volume lashes removal (applied at MOCa) $25
Volume lashes removal (applied at elsewhere) $25


Shiatsu massage 60min/$60
Lymphatic massage 60min/$70
Foot massage 30min/$30
Reflexology 30min/$30

Color Eyelash Extensions

Point $8
Half $12
All Color $15

Flare Extension

1 Flare $7

Swarovski Eyelash Extension

1 Swarovski $7

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the eyelash extension glue

We use glue that is generally safe, but occasionally for those that have sensitive skin, depending on the physical condition for the day, it is possible to have an allergic reaction (itchiness, swelling, rashes)
In the case on an allergic reaction, please contact us and we will remove the extension with no charge.
We also have a less adhesive, hypoallergenic glue for those that are worried.
Please consult our staff if you would like to have a patch test done.


All tools are sterilized and kept clean at all times. Customer eyelashes are also cleaned before treatment.


Please use oil free type cleansing instead of the oil cleansing.
We recommend the use of gel type cleaning but for those that use oil or cream type cleansing, please try to avoid the area around the eye.

Duration of eyelash extension

The duration depends on the individual (how the eyelashes are treated, condition of the eyelashes, hair cycle, etc) but after 2-3 weeks the eyelashes will start coming off. At our store we re-extend the area that were lost. The repair frequency will be different on how each individual feel but the majority comes in for repairs every 2weeks to a month.

Repairs are possible from 30 eyelashes but it is possible to add any number requested by the customer. It is also possible to newly extend for those that have lost most of the previous extensions.

How to preserve the extension?

To preserve the extension at its original state, the key is to not touch the eyelashes. Unnecessary touching could lead to disarranging the extension, detach the base and cause irritations and also stress white eyelashes.
For after you wash your face or take a shower, please use hair dryer on cold and dry from bottom up for approx. 1-2min. This will rearrange and lift up the eyelashes to bring out the eye.

Stress on the white eyelash

It is not possible to not stress the white eyelash when doing an extension.
But depending on how the eyelash is treated if rubbing, pulling, etc are avoided), it is possible to greatly reduce the stress on the white eyelash.
In some cases, the number of white eyelashes increase after the extension. By adding the extension the number of white eyelash that is lost is reduced because the pulling and rubbing of everyday mascara/eyelash curler is reduced.
For those that are concerned about the white eyelashes, we also sell beauty serums at our store.
The effects of the beauty serums are seen with continued use, please feel free to ask our staff if interested.