Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are a great way to have beautiful eyes without the
need for mascara or curlers. Super soft Mint lashes will give your
eyes a natural, glamorous, sexy look.

You can choose length, curl, thickness

Mink / Flat Eyelashes

80 lashes $68
100 lashes $78
120 lashes $89
140 lashes $101
160 lashes $113
180 lashes $125

Touch Up

From 30 lashes (Minimum)

within 4 weeks

60 lashes $54
80 lashes $62
100 lashes $72
120 lashes $82
140 lashes $93

Under Eyelashes

Up to 15 lashes $1.50 each
16 lashes $21
20 lashes $26
30 lashes $31
40 lashes $41
Lashes removal (applied at MOCa) $15+
Lashes removal (applied at elsewhere or only removal) $15+

Volume Lashes Volume lashes
are multiple thinner extensions(4D to 6D)attached on Natural

Super set (90 fans per eye) $195
Full set (60 fans per eye) $135
Half set (35 fans per eye) $85
Natural set (25 fans per eye) $65
Extra (10 fans per eye) $21
All removal for Volume and hybrid
(applied at MOCa)
All removal for Volume and hybrid (applied at elsewhere) $25+

Hybrid EyelashesHybrid lashes
are a combination of Classic and Volume lashes.


Super set (60 fans +50 classic lashes per eye) $195
Full set (40 fans +35 classic lashes per eye) $135
Half set (25 fans +30 classic lashes per eye) $85
Natural set (10 fans +25 classic lashes per eye) $65

Binding LashesBinding lashes
are technique of wrapping on natural lashes with two lashes extensions.
It’s a very long lasting.

40 Binding $65
60 Binding $85
80 Binding $105
100 Binding $125
120 Binding $145
140 Binding $165

Lash lift $90

We use high quality Japanese brand *Parisienne* which makes your eye
lashes lift at 80 degree angles. It will give you the most natural and
longest looking lashes possible.

Lash lift

Upper lashes $90
Upper and bottom lashes $126

Tint (if you do with Lash lift)

Upper lashes $20
Upper and bottom lashes $40

Tint only

Upper lashes $40
Upper and bottom lashes $60

LED Lash

LED Extension® utilizes a technology that irradiates
a dedicated gel glue with a dedicated LED light.
$ cost only 20% more than normal extensions

*Good retention

LED eyelashes would stay longer than normal eyelashes

*Almost no allergy reactions

No more stinging sensation, irritation , or red eyes


Can use cleansing oil or other oil-base products

Can be washed right after

Can go swimming or sauna anytime


The LED light used is a visible light and not UV radiation . It is low level
range (405nm) and safe for the skin. By completely curing in 2 seconds, the
production of allergen will be controlled at the minimum levels. So even if you
are someone who has allergic reactions easily, you can still receive treatment
comfortably and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the eyelash extension glue

We use glue that is generally safe, but occasionally for those
that have sensitive skin, depending on the physical condition
for the day, it is possible to have an allergic reaction
(itchiness, swelling, rashes)
In the case on an allergic reaction, please contact us and we
will remove the extension with no charge.
We also have a less adhesive, hypoallergenic glue for those that
are worried.
Please consult our staff if you would like to have a patch test


All tools are sterilized and kept clean at all times. Customer
eyelashes are also cleaned before treatment.


Please use oil free type cleansing instead of the oil
We recommend the use of gel type cleaning but for those that use
oil or cream type cleansing, please try to avoid the area around
the eye.

Duration of eyelash extension

The duration depends on the individual (how the eyelashes are
treated, condition of the eyelashes, hair cycle, etc) but after
2-3 weeks the eyelashes will start coming off. At our store we
re-extend the area that were lost. The repair frequency will be
different on how each individual feel but the majority comes in
for repairs every 2weeks to a month.

Repairs are possible from 30 eyelashes but it is possible to
add any number requested by the customer. It is also possible to
newly extend for those that have lost most of the previous

How to preserve the extension?

To preserve the extension at its original state, the key is to
not touch the eyelashes. Unnecessary touching could lead to
disarranging the extension, detach the base and cause
irritations and also stress white eyelashes.
For after you wash your face or take a shower, please use hair
dryer on cold and dry from bottom up for approx. 1-2min. This
will rearrange and lift up the eyelashes to bring out the eye.

Stress on the white eyelash

It is not possible to not stress the white eyelash when doing
an extension.
But depending on how the eyelash is treated if rubbing, pulling,
etc are avoided), it is possible to greatly reduce the stress on
the white eyelash.
In some cases, the number of white eyelashes increase after the
extension. By adding the extension the number of white eyelash
that is lost is reduced because the pulling and rubbing of
everyday mascara/eyelash curler is reduced.
For those that are concerned about the white eyelashes, we also
sell beauty serums at our store.
The effects of the beauty serums are seen with continued use,
please feel free to ask our staff if interested.