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Richmond location 2019December /24 10:00-5:00pm /25 Holiday /26 10:00-6:00pm /27-28 Normal business hours /29 Closed /30 10:00-6:00pm /31 Holiday 2020 January /1 Holiday /2〜 Normal business hours    ...

This is a friendly reminder that MOCa beauty salon will be closed between October 14th-16th. We will open regular business hours from October 17th. Thank you for your understanding....

現在MOCa beauty salon teamは一緒に働いてくれる明るくて元気なネイリスト、アイリストを募集しております!!! ネイリスト募集の上で条件は下記です。 ーネイリスト経験2年以上 ーネイルアート・長さ出しが出来る方優先 ーネイルマシーンが使える方 ーワーホリの方歓迎 ーパートタイム・フルタイムのどちらでも可 詳細は電話(604−688−1647)またはメール(にてお気軽にお問い合せ下さい。 Currently MOCa beauty salon is looking experienced nail technician. Knowledge, Skills & Proficiencies Least 2 years of experience as nail technician We require soft-gel, gel-polish, extension, regular polish and nail art skills Strong communication......

About Us

We are very confident about our high techniques and services.

“speedy・safe・reasonable” are very important things
MOCa use only high quality products. All products from one of the top Eyelash and Nail brands in Japan.
Our salon staffs has Japanese high skill as well. if you any question contact us.

We hope that enjoy your life more in ♥︎MOCa♥︎

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great way to have beautiful eyes without the need for mascara or curlers.

Gel Nails

Gel nails have three layers: base gel, color gel and top gel. Soft gel nails are flexible, feel real nails, and are easy to handle.

Eyelash Extension School